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Supplies-for-Hotels offers a complete line of hotel supplies.
We offer bed linens, bath products, custom bedspreads and window drapery and blinds
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Kitchen Towels, Dish Cloths, Pot Holder and Oven Mitts

Kitchen towels by Charles Craft, 100% Cotton

Kitchen Towels & Kitchen Cloth colors: White with either a blue mist, British navy, canary yellow, hunter green, natural putty or a green sage stripe.
Oven Mitts & Pot Holders color:  Blue mist, burgundy, hunter green, navy, Newport yellow, rose nectar, sage green and natural.

Minimum order from Charles Craft is $50.00

(Ships within 1 Week)



Packaged Priced

Kitchen towels

15 x 25 3 dz $17.99/dz
Dish Cloths 12 x 12 5 dz $12.99/dz
Pot holders 7 x 7 3 dz $15.99/dz
Oven mitts 13" 2 dz $34.68/dz


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